Since time immemorial, each month of the year has been associated with a precious stone. Ancient cultures believed that wearing a gem during its assigned month heightened its powers.

Birthstone Scents is a line of twelve talisman fragrances inspired by this ancient tradition. Each scent has been infused with its gem for a full lunar cycle to harness the power of the stone to heal and protect.

Throughout history, birthstones have been prized by all major civilizations and cultures, crossing over from the East to the West.

INDIA 1500 BC According to Ayurvedic medicine, birthstones have medicinal abilities and to this day, both men and women in India wear their birthstones on a daily basis to protect their health.

ISRAEL 1500 BC Biblical birthstones are mentioned in the sacred pages of the Old Testament. In Exodus, Aaron, a high priest during the time of Moses, wore a breastplate with the twelve gems.

ASSYRIA 1200 BC Assyrians believed rare and beautiful gemstones held magical properties.

CELTS 800 BC During the Iron Age, the Celts trusted birthstones to influence or reveal one’s fate.

MAYANS 500 BC Gemstones were at the core of Mayan healing practices. Gems were encrusted in teeth for wealth and protection.

CHINA 250 BC According to ancient Chinese astrology, each of the 12 stones held powers that could bring luck and balance to one’s life.

TIBET 1000 AC Tibetans attributed mystical powers to each gemstone and created “The Mystical Birthstone List.”

RUSSIA 1600 AC The Tsars of Russia were convinced that gems were magical and favored rare green garnets.

POLAND 18th CENTURY The Gregorian calendar featured poems matching each month with its birthstone.

USA 1912 The Jewelers of America established a modern list of birthstones that is still used today.




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