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The poet Hafiz lived in the luxuriant plains of Chiraz in southern Iran. His ghazals, lyrical poems on life and love were famous all over the country. He sometimes wrote them under the shade of a fig tree, looking out for the rainbows that reminded him of the thousand colors his favorite stone, the tourmaline.

One morning, a wash of colors spread across the misty sky and it splendor dazzled Hafiz. He picked up his quill to write to his beloved: “May my soul by seared upon your lips, for in the garden of the gaze, the world’s gardener has never crafted anything more beautiful than this tourmaline.”

From tourmaline’s turquoise and pine green, fuchsia, lavender, teal and all the shades in between, sprout motivation and optimism.

A fruity, frosty and green scent composed of Barbarian fig, oakmoss and mirabelle plum.



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